The orchid is presented as a flower with a sweetly seductive scent and a mysterious charm due to its rare beauty, which is unique for its elegance and regality. Moreover, because of the symmetry of its leaves, the flower represents the symbol of perfect harmony.

Our collections are elegant, precious and refined, as well as the orchids. Moreover they are entirely handmade.

Our company take advantage of skilled artisans who realize products whose comfort and design are unique and original.

All the materials are carefully selected in order to obtain and guarantee the best quality of the product. It is thanks to the combination between an excellent quality and an original design, that our company realize unique items.

Black Orchid works in the fashion industry, in particular in the luxury domain, and it is specialized in the production and supply is shoes and accessories which are entirely made in Italy.

Our items are created for people who love wearing unique and elegant products, without giving up the confort.

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Unique Bag, like you, like us

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